Who is #ChelseatheCat ?

Chelsea the Cat is the official mascot for The Cat Next Door!

We’ve been asked what the story is behind our mascot.  Chelsea the Cat was named after the real Chelsea the Cat, our first rescue kitty.  She was a shy cat, hiding under one of the scratching posts in the corner at the shelter.  The wonderful volunteers at the shelter were keeping the cats healthy and safe, but Chelsea was still very ill and underweight, likely a condition she could have died from if the people at the shelter hadn’t taken her in to start caring for her.

We fell in love with Chelsea, a beautiful Snowshoe Siamese, and couldn’t leave the shelter without her. We brought her home with us and nursed her back to health.  Soon, she gained weight and developed a lot of strength.  She makes us laugh every day, whether it is her spectacular jumps at playtime, or her bossy attitude.  To our surprise, that shy, sickly girl at the shelter, became the alpha female of our multi-pet household!

She’s beautiful, powerful, and what better way to honor a success story like hers than to name our mascot after her.  To us, she represents everything great about providing a forever home to pets who do not have one.  We’ve adopted more rescues since then, and it is a beautiful gift to have them all in our lives. ❤

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