1) Will you visit my pet every few days while I am away?

We strongly encourage daily visits.  With pets being home alone for long periods of time, something can go wrong quickly.  As an example:  UTIs (urinary tract infections)  can be common in cats.  If left untreated, this can become an emergency trip to the vet or even life-threatening.  Our mission at The Cat Next Door is to provide your pets with the highest quality care.

2) I often leave my cat alone for a few days and everything has been fine.  What could possibly happen in that time frame?

There are numerous scenarios that could happen including being tangled up in something that restricts air flow, locked in a room without food and water which can result in starvation or dehydration, and uncontrollable vomiting or blood loss, just to name a few.  They are also very clever and can learn to turn on a water faucet causing unwanted damage to your belongings.

3) Do you only look after cats?

We care for all kinds of domestic pets, including cats, dogs, reptiles, chinchillas, fish and many more!  Please see our “Service Inquiries” page and fill out our online form to contact us regarding your requirements.

4) Do you handle agricultural jobs?

We are not insured to offer pet sits for farm animals at this time.

5) My neighbor or a family member can come and check on my pet a few times during the time we are away so we wouldn’t need you to come in as often.  Is this ok?

We would prefer if there wasn’t any “Job Sharing”.   Any liability that we would have is void if someone else has access into your home while you are away.

6) Can you let my dog outside or take him for a walk during the day?

We are happy to offer daily on-leash walking, either solo or with some doggie friends.

7) Do you charge extra fees for multiple pets?

No, services are based on time needed for each visit only.

8) Why should I pay the same for one pet when someone else has 4 pets?

This just means that your pet(s) gets some more playtime and cuddles after we have finished with the maintenance of water, food or litter duties.

9) I live outside of Airdrie.  Do you charge any fees for additional travel?

We do charge additional travel rates for services outside of the Airdrie City limits.

10) Can I just bring my cat or dog to your house?

We offer pet sitting in our clients’ homes only.