Private Dog Walking Services

We often get asked if we only care for cats.  Although cats make up the majority of our “clawentele” we also care for all types of other animals, and that absolutely includes dogs.

Private dog walks is something we have been asked for and are glad to provide.  We are seeing that in multi-pet homes where there are dogs and cats living together, their owners don’t want to separate them.  Also, many people have dogs that do not do well being boarded with other dogs, typically in dog daycare types of facilities, and would rather keep them in the safe and familiar environment of home.

Safety is very important to us at The Cat Next Door.  We don’t take the dogs to off-leash parks where they run the danger of being injured by other dogs, getting lost, or being exposed to illnesses from other dogs.  We like to follow the same routine you would, keeping your dogs happy, healthy, and exercised.

Whether you have a house full of multiple types of pets, or your home is a canine only home, The Cat Next Door is a great choice for your dog walking needs.

Also, if you have cats that enjoy being walked on a leash, this is a service we provide as well.  If you need assistance with training your cat to walk on a leash, we can help!


  • $21 – 15 minute private walk
  • $31.50 – 30 minute private walk
  • $52.50 – 1 hour private walk
Melanie with The Cat Next Door. She trained Mojo the Cat to walk with her on a leash and he can’t get enough!