Gina and the Kitten Search

Sometimes, the coolest thing happens.

We are a local professional pet sitting service in Airdrie, Alberta.  We are also often called on to help with different household pet problems, such as lost or stray pets. We are actively involved with our local animal shelters and residents in the community with their pets.  Usually the help we offer is more of “front line” volunteer work such as transporting injured and lost animals to the vet, and helping find lost pets. I often refer to Melanie as “the real life Ace Ventura.” When it comes to animals, our hearts are as big as they can get. We are also owned by several pets ourselves, most of them rescues;  Cats, Dogs, Fish, Crested Geckos, a White-Lipped Tree Frog and a Bearded Dragon. Many times I’ve been with Melanie on the phone and she’ll say something like, “Dog. Gotta go”, and an hour or two later I get filled on something she did to help an animal in trouble.  Sometimes our hearts get broken, like the times we can’t save the animals or can’t find the lost pets.

This memorable search started at the end of September when Melanie received one of her typical messages that there was a scared grey cat around a nearby condo complex.  Melanie was given the location of where this cat was spotted but after several attempts, this cat was not found.

A few weeks passed by and we finally received another message about the scared grey cat.  This time, 4 young kittens were reported to be with her.   The adult cat was seen going back and forth from one of the resident’s front porch, as there was plenty of space to go to hide underneath the front steps.  Melanie gathered her supplies and went to the condo location but once again, could not spot any cats.  While she was driving around this area, she noticed an animal carrier at the side of someone’s house.  She decided to go and ask the home owner if they were aware of the carrier.  To our surprise he was aware and described what he had seen.  A neighbor of his placed the carrier there and had been watching this mama cat and kittens for the past few weeks.  The man who lives there is very kind, and he was great about letting us set up to try to catch the cats.  Melanie set up her cat trap, and put it along the side of his house.  Melanie and some nearby residents checked the trap regularly.

At 7AM on October 1st, the resident in the unit closest to the trap called Melanie to say there was a cat in the trap.  Melanie and I gathered some supplies and went over to his house.  Sure enough, there was a beautiful tabby/torti in the trap.  We had caught the mother cat.  We brought a large 2 tier kennel that we assembled and set up on the home owner’s front steps.  We gave the mother cat lots of fresh food, water, a litter box, and lots of warm, dry, clean bedding, all things that she had probably never had before.  The nice ladies across the street said they saw this beautiful cat eating garbage out of the dumpster, and taking some out to take back to her babies.  We spent a good portion of the day with these ladies, a mother and daughter, clearly animal lovers with cats of their own.  We talked about where and when they had seen the kittens, what they looked like, how many there were, and where all they had spotted them. It was determined we were looking for 4 kittens – a black one, and orange one, and 2 grey tabbies.  The mother cat was not happy at all in the kennel.  She wanted to be let out, but we couldn’t.  It was our only chance to catch them all. We had only 1  kitten trap, so we set it up near the mother’s kennel with the hope they would go towards their mom so we could catch them all and reunite them with their mother.  We spent most of the day and evening with these ladies, looking under decks with flashlights  and trying to find the kittens.  That day produced no results and things did not look hopeful.  The only thoughts that put my mind ease were that the kittens were old enough to be seen playing outside and that they had eaten other food, meaning that they weren’t 100% reliant on mom.  Maybe they had a chance of survival and we would find them soon enough…

During the first day of caring for the mother cat, Melanie had her name – Gina. She thought of this because of the first treat she ate out of Melanie’s hand.  They were the original flavor temptation and Melanie noticed the name Gina in the word “Original.”  Gina is definitely an original!

We knew we couldn’t keep her at the resident’s front door for too long, as we needed to get her somewhere warmer and more secure.  We had a plan for Gina to help us find her babies.  We took Gina to our home, emptied out a room, and gave her a good setup so we could care for her while we continued the search for Gina’s 4 babies.  We have a pet stroller at home that came in very handy for this, as Melanie took Gina out in it every day to the areas where her kittens were spotted.  The bond between Melanie and Gina developed very quickly. Although Gina was calm and friendly towards Melanie, she was still very restless, and we noticed she didn’t sleep much.  Melanie posted on many lost and found community Facebook pages about the missing kittens and asked for the area residents to keep an eye out for them.


Now there were more people in the area keeping an eye out for the kittens. Melanie started to receive many messages about new kittens being spotted.

Melanie and Gina spent the next few days and nights going out continually in the pet stroller, searching for her kittens.  No one at the condos had seen them in the past few days, and Melanie widened her search around the neighborhood. Things weren’t looking good.  One message felt like it could be a huge breakthrough saying that some kittens were seen close to a retirement home about a block away from the condos where Gina was found.  The description of these kittens matched the kitten descriptions from across the street.  On the afternoon of October 4th in typical Melanie fashion, she sent me a picture.  No explanation, just this:

That’s Melanie, standing on the hill while the firefighters dig around her.

At the retirement home about a block away from the condos where Gina was found, some workers saw kittens running around a construction site.  When people showed up to get them, one of the kittens ran into a pipe. Hoping they would help, Melanie called the fire department.  To her surprise, a whole crew showed up!

See the blue pet stroller? That’s Gina in there.

7 fantastic fire fighters in Airdrie came to the rescue.  Also there was a wonderful lady we met recently, who’s Facebook post on the kittens helped us all keep track of who was checking traps next and what the results were. She too is a pet lover, and was very helpful during this process.

In the pipe was a mostly black kitten, but on closer inspection, it was a little torti.  Now the question, was this one of Gina’s babies?  After viewing the picture, some people thought this was Gina’s baby while others didn’t. Melanie showed the kitten to her, and Gina began to groom the kitten,  so Melanie placed the little torti in the stroller with Gina.  We had found baby #1 (later named Summer).  There was still speculation as to whether this baby was hers or did she want a baby so badly that she became a surrogate to this one?

Gina with her kitten, Summer.

Later this evening, Melanie was informed that two small kittens from Airdrie were turned in to a Calgary vet. Melanie picked them up in South Calgary on October 5th. She was told these two kittens were found on October 1st, the same day we found Gina. Hoping these were 2 of Gina’s babies, Melanie brought them in to Gina.  Sadly, she rejected the kittens. (These 2 kittens are safe and happy. The next blog will be an update about them.)

Willow and Hunter, not Gina’s babies.

Melanie was determined to find the others.  One kitten trap wasn’t going to be enough.  She purchased 3 more and placed them at different areas around the construction site.  To add to the urgency of finding these kittens, it was announced that construction was to begin at this site in the very near future. The kittens had already moved once and we didn’t want to lose track of them.  We would have to find the other 3 of Gina’s babies quickly.

October 6th was another breakthrough day. A woman contacted Melanie with the news that one of the kitten traps had a small grey tabby in it. It was the trap that was behind the red shed at the retirement home. Once again, Melanie introduced the kitten to Gina. We found baby #2 (named Chase).

Red shed where Chase was trapped.

I stopped by to check the check the traps around 8:30PM, just in case. I was almost done checking the first two traps, when I heard rustling by the 3rd one. I walked as quietly and gently as I could. I remembered how I’d heard that one of the ladies accidentally startled one of the kittens (Chase) in the middle of the night earlier in the week. I didn’t want the same thing to happen now. I got about 8-10 feet away from the trap when I suddenly noticed  a wide, fluffy black and white tail bobbing around in the tall grass. Realizing this was a skunk, I got back to my car and decided it would be best to come back in a little while.

Later that day, Melanie was contacted again. This time, another grey kitten was found. This one was found by the road by a mom and her daughter. We had to check to see if this was baby #3.  Melanie brought this little grey kitten in to see Gina. It was just like the time she met the 2 kittens from the vet in Calgary. She instantly rejected the kitten, and began hissing and growling like she did with them. This was definitely not one of Gina’s kittens. Although it was sad when she would reject some kittens, we were fascinated by her reaction when she would recognize her own.  This sweet little kitten was taken to the Cochrane Humane Society so they could get it some medical treatment and then would be up for adoption.

Also not one of Gina’s kittens…

With Gina at home caring for her 2 kittens, our search continued for the other 2 babies. While Melanie was out trying to find the kittens that same night on October 6th, I checked Facebook one last time before bed. A woman was trying to reach Melanie to tell her that she took one of the traps home, because we had another kitten!  This time, it was a feisty orange and white kitten. I contacted the woman, told her who I was and left to picked up the kitten.

I met Melanie back at the house where another introduction was made with Gina.  It was another success. We had just found baby #3 (later named Autumn). Autumn greeted me with lots of hissing.  These little kitties were going to need some serious re-socializing!


Melanie continued to check the traps all night. Although we were relieved to have found 3 of Gina’s kittens so far, the thought of that last little kitten being out there by itself, cold and alone, made us even more anxious. Melanie didn’t go to sleep at all that night. Instead, she stayed up, waiting and checking traps all night. Finally when checking one of the traps, she saw that it had been tripped.  Could this be the last kitten? She went to the trap to find the skunk that I had encountered and ran away from (yes, I’m a big chicken.)

So we still had only 3 kittens out of a reported 4.  The weather had turned cold and we had out first snowfall. A very brave lady in our community came and released the skunk from our trap.  I was glad it was Friday now, as I could spend my weekend helping look for this last kitten.  Later that evening I stopped by and checked the traps to find that they were still empty.

Melanie and I got ready to go back to the construction site.  Since it was getting colder we wanted to make better shelters for all the traps.  We ran into to a few of the wonderful people who were helping check traps.  With their help, we made it so the traps were drier and better protected from the wind.  Melanie examined some small tracks she found in the snow on the other side of the fence.  They led under the fence over to a bush on the other side.  Here is a picture of that area (by the time I took this picture, the snow had melted.)

Location where small paw prints were found in the snow.

Melanie tracked it back to where something was going in and out of the yard.  At the back of the building there was a large tube that she moved over to where the suspected animal was going under the fence (again, pictures were taken in the daytime the next day.)

Location where paw prints were found.
Utilized some material found on site.
Newest trapping location.

This was a great location to move a trap to.  By the time we finished prepping the traps, it was 2AM on Saturday, October 8th.  We checked the traps again at about 2:30AM, saw they were still empty, and left.

I decided to take a quick nap so I set my alarm for 4AM so I could check the trap again.  I decided that I would check the traps every 1-1/2 to 2 hours, and I wanted to give Melanie a much needed break since she had done so much herself.

I went to the construction site and checked traps 1 and 2.  They were empty.  I approached trap 3 that was in the big silver tube.  I could see that the trap had been tripped. As I walked over, I was so nervous.  What if it was the skunk again?

As I got closer I peeked into the tube with my flashlight.  I can’t even describe what I felt when I looked in that trap and saw the sweetest little kitten face looking at me.


Of course because we had a couple of false attempts, we had to introduce this kitten to Gina to make sure it was hers.  I called Melanie immediately and when I brought the kitten back, we visited Gina for confirmation.  I’ve never seen anything like this before.  I didn’t witness  when Gina met her other three babies, but this time I was there.  Gina confirmed that this was her kitten.  There was something so special in the way she turned and looked at Melanie.  All 4 of Gina’s babies were with her now.

Gina meets Storm.

Gina, who had been so incredibly restless (just like us), finally slept.

Gina finally sleeps…
Not even interested in the toys.

We are fostering Gina and her kittens for the Cochrane Humane Society. They are safe, happy, and healthy with us, and have been vet checked. Gina was dewormed and received her first set of vaccinations. The kittens need more socialization before they go back to visit the vet as they were a little wild to handle. We are giving them lots of love and making sure they are well socialized so they can go in for their full vet checks and treatments.

I am never going to forget this week. There are so many things that were so great about it – the way we felt when we saw Gina as she recognized each kitten, what it felt like knowing we found them all, how proud we were of the wonderful people in our community who cared so much in a time where people tend to care so little, but most of all, Gina, Summer, Chase, Autumn, and Storm. We love you all. 💜

Gina, with all of her babies: Summer, Chase, Autumn and Storm.





Why Pet First Aid is Important for Everyone

Anything can happen to anyone, at any time.  I was at work when I received a message that something had happened to Bella, one of our rescue cats.

Cute little Bella

Bella suffered an injury, due to an accident in our own home. She had been playing on our carpeted shelving units (yes, we have cat shelves to provide vertical space in our home for the entertainment of our kitties, another topic for another day).  Normally we love these shelves and they are great for our cats for many reasons, but our little daredevil was lacking coordination on this particular day.

cat shelves
Awesome cat shelves in our living room.


While she was playing, something went wrong and she fell, and Bella could not catch herself in time. She dangled from one of the shelves, and in doing so, did this to her claw (I apologize, the picture is gross):

Bella's claw
Injury to Bella’s toe. You can see where she had ripped her claw right off.

What you are looking at is where Bella’s claw used to be.  While she was trying to hang on, she ripped one of her claws out.  Along with the extensive bleeding that resulted from that, poor Bella also lost control of her bowels.  Lucky for her, Melanie was home.  Not only is Melanie a certified pet first-aider, but she is also a pet first aid instructor.  Most importantly to Bella, she is Bella’s human, her mom, the one she goes to for treats, head scratches, and night-time cuddles.

Our little Bella was a mess.  She needed to be bathed from being covered in her own feces and had quite a bit of blood coming from her toe.  Melanie immediately put pressure on her paw to control the bleeding and took her to the shower to quickly clean her off, all while checking for other injuries Bella  might have sustained.

Bella after being cleaned up, just prior to being transported to the vet.

Once the bleeding was stabilized and her paw was bandaged, Melanie took Bella to the veterinarian where she was examined to check for internal injuries. Her paw was checked by our vet and she was given a round of antibiotics and pain killers.  Bella had to spend a few days in our laundry room with special cat litter that would not get stuck in her toes.  Luckily for Bella, mom was there, and she knew what to do to help her.

She is recovering well and enjoys her visitors, both human and furry varieties (especially Buddy the cat, one of her dearest friends.)

Buddy, one of Bella's close friends, staying by her side while her toe gets better.
Buddy, one of Bella’s close friends, staying by her side while her toe gets better.

We took pet first aid initially because we are professional pet sitters.  We needed to be ready in an animal emergency, as we are exposed to several animals each day, from the cats, dogs, and other critters we pet sit for, to the strays we find on the street, to our own little fur babies at home. Eventually the odds are going to catch up, and we are going to need to respond to an emergency sometime.   As we have talked to people taking our pet first aid classes, we hear stories of people in emergency situations with animals all the time and it is clear that every pet owner should take first aid.  Everyone’s story is the same yet different – the scenarios vary but the choice to take our pet first aid class stems from the same reason every time.  It is because something happened to an animal and they were forced to respond and it scared the heck out of them.

If you are wondering how Bella is, she is doing great.  Her injury happened on February 5th and the picture below is Bella on February 20th.  You can see that she already has a nice and healthy new claw growing in.

Bella's new claw, growing in nicely.
Bella’s new claw, growing in nicely.

Why wait until something happens first? Visit to see our training schedule, and book to obtain your certification in pet first aid.

First Aid Isn’t Just for People

This has been a very interesting and educational first year of business for us at The Cat Next Door Inc.  A little less than a year ago, we were sitting as students in a class that we didn’t know existed…pet first aid.

It has proven to be a very valuable resource for us, not only in our chosen field of work of pet care, but in everyday life.  We interact with others every day regarding their pets, we have heard a lot of stories, and we get asked a lot of questions.  Would you know what to do if your dog ran too far out of your site at the off-leash park and came back to you with a mouth full of porcupine quills?  How about if you found your cat unconscious? Would you know what to do next?

Human first aid is not the same as pet first aid.  Although human first aid training gives you an excellent base for general theories, there are many differences between the two.  Pet first aid isn’t there to replace veterinary care – the purpose is to keep an animal safe, stabilized, and as comfortable as possible until you transport the animal to a veterinarian.  This is very much like human first aid where certified first aiders keep people safe, stabilized and as comfortable as possible until an ambulance arrives.  Aside from that general principle, the programs are very different.

Now it is a year later, and Melanie is now a certified first aid instructor. Our first class takes place here in Airdrie on November 15, 2015 with more classes to be scheduled in the New Year.  We are very excited to be able to provide this service.  It is one we feel strongly about, and believe everyone can benefit from this specialized training.

Learning pet first aid will change the way you look at injuries and illness in animals.  If you have ever felt nervous and unsure of what to do in these situations, you will feel much more empowered to make good decisions on behalf of our furry friends who can’t tell us what is wrong with them and how they are feeling.  You will learn how to read the signs and take appropriate action.  You will learn to take notice of behavior changes indicating something is wrong, and you will feel more prepared to help.  With a good balance of theory and hands-on practice, you will find this program interesting and informative.

If you learn the skills and are able to apply that knowledge to save even one animal, that feeling will fill your heart with warmth for a lifetime. Check out the pet first aid page on our website to sign up!

Who is #ChelseatheCat ?

Chelsea the Cat is the official mascot for The Cat Next Door Inc.!

We’ve been asked what the story is behind our mascot.  Chelsea the Cat was named after the real Chelsea the Cat, our first rescue kitty.  She was a shy cat, hiding under one of the scratching posts in the corner at the shelter.  The wonderful volunteers at the shelter were keeping the cats healthy and safe, but Chelsea was still very ill and underweight, likely a condition she could have died from if the people at the shelter hadn’t taken her in to start caring for her.

We fell in love with Chelsea, a beautiful Snowshoe Siamese, and couldn’t leave the shelter without her. We brought her home with us and nursed her back to health.  Soon, she gained weight and developed a lot of strength.  She makes us laugh every day, whether it is her spectacular jumps at playtime, or her bossy attitude.  To our surprise, that shy, sickly girl at the shelter, became the alpha female of our multi-pet household!

She’s beautiful, powerful, and what better way to honor a success story like hers than to name our mascot after her.  To us, she represents everything great about providing a forever home to pets who do not have one.  We’ve adopted more rescues since then, and it is a beautiful gift to have them all in our lives. ❤ #ChelseatheCat

3 Reasons To Hire a Professional Pet Sitter

Spring is coming and people are thinking about camping and holidays again.  It is time for those with plans to be away to decide who is going to care for their pets and their homes while they are on vacation.

Here are 3 reasons you need to hire a professional pet sitter (instead of asking friends, family, hobby sitters, or the neighbours down the street):

1) They might say yes, but are secretly dreading it – There is a large population of people who have a hard time saying “no” when asked to do a favor.  Even when your friends and family agree to look after your pets and house, it still requires them to take on your responsibilities and put their own activities to the side.  People start to feel taken advantage of quickly and it can become an inconvenience to them, as they have to stay close to home during the time you are gone. For people who choose to become professional pet sitters, this is their livelihood, and they know what is involved.  It is what they choose to do each day.  We at The Cat Next Door Inc. love animals, and looking after yours is important to us not only because that is our profession, but we also truly enjoy it.  Booking your professional pet sitter in advance gives you the peace of mind that you have reliable, loving care for your pets, without imposing on others.  Your pets and the security of your home are our priorities!

2) There are “hobby sitters” out there too.  If you know them personally, you might be ok with using them provided nothing goes wrong, otherwise you have no idea at all who you are letting into your home, and what all they plan to do while they are in there. When looking for a professional pet sitter in your area, look for one that has credentials to back up the company.  Some things to find out includes if the company is licensed, bonded, insured, and if the sitters have recent police clearances on file.  It is also important to find out what pet-specific credentials they have. Are they certified in Pet First Aid and CPR?  What are the terms and conditions? Do they use contracts? What other courses/certifications do the sitters have that make them qualified to know how to properly care for your pets?  Are there any references or reviews that you can check out in advance?

3) Once your furry family members get to know your professional pet sitter, this becomes another friend to your pet.  We get to know your pets well, providing them with consistency and feelings of security. We can see if they are behaving normally, and we can tell when they are a little “off” some days.  We want to ensure that your pets are happy and healthy while you are away, and we can report any changes we may notice while we are there for our visits.  Your pets will enjoy seeing the same familiar faces coming to see them.  After feeding, water changing, litter box scooping, etc., your pets know it is time for playtime and cuddles.  We love seeing our repeat clients and how excited the pets are to see us again.  We miss them in between our visits and are just as glad to see them again too!

To schedule us for a meet and greet, please visit the service inquiries page on our website at

We look forward to hearing from you!


The Cat Next Door Inc. is a member of Pet Sitters International (PSI).
Melanie on a pet sit for one of our kitty clients, Danielle.
Melanie on a pet sit for one of our kitty clients, Danielle.




Keeping Your Cats Safe Indoors While Offering Outdoor Enrichment

It seems like every day we hear about another lost cat in our community.  The social media sites are full of pages dedicated to people finding their lost cats, and the ones that are the most frustrating are the ones that are completely preventable.

It’s true that there are many things that cats love about the outdoors, but there are even more things out there that cause stress and anxiety for your cats, not to mention outright dangerous situations.

What are some of those dangers?

Getting run over by a car, adverse weather conditions, being intentionally poisoned by cat-haters, being accidentally poisoned (a good example is antifreeze – it’s very poisonous to cats but they are drawn to it), exposure to other harmful chemicals, contracting viruses, or catching parasites such as worms, being accidentally locked in a neighbors shed or garage, being attacked or killed by dogs, owls, or coyotes , or being abused or killed by a cruel person, to name some of those dangers.

All of the things that the cats enjoy about the outdoors can be provided to them by their cat parents, safely.  To satisfy the hunter in your cat, dedicate quality play time with your cats.  A toy resembling a bird or mouse attached to a long wand is a great activity to enjoy with your cats.  Just make sure that the toy is structurally sound and that you let your kitties catch their prey a few times so the game is satisfying for them.

As for actually letting them go out and enjoy the fresh air, consider investing in a “catio”.  If you have a house, dog runs can be modified to make nice, sturdy outdoor cat play areas.  If you live in an apartment, maybe a smaller screened off area is more applicable, as long as it is not fabric screen material.  You don’t want something that kitty can easily tear through with her claws. Heavy gauge, galvanized fencing material makes for a more solid choice to keep your pets safe from the dangers of the outdoors.  The style of home you have, whether you live in the country or city, and the local bylaws in your community will define the limits on what you can provide for a catio for your kitties.

Our First Tradeshow

Buddy and Venus are former Tails to Tell residents. They are now at home with us, thanks to Tails to Tell Animal Rescue Shelter.

The Cat Next Door will be attending the 2015 Airdrie Home and Lifestyle Show on April 25th and 26th as a new exhibitor.  For all you pet lovers in the Airdrie and Calgary area, come see us at the show to learn more about our services.

If you bring a minimum $2 donation for Tails to Tell, the no-kill animal shelter in Crossfield, AB, you will earn a chance to spin the wheel and win a prize!  100% of the proceeds will go to our friends at Tails to Tell, who are doing a wonderful job finding fur-ever homes for stray and injured companion animals.  The shelter is run entirely by volunteers and donations and we want to help.

We are also having a grand prize draw at the end of the show.  See you there!


Tinsel, Floss and Cats Don’t Mix

If we haven’t done so already, a lot of us are starting to dig those Christmas decorations out to get our homes looking festive.  When I was growing up, I always looked forward to when we put up our tree, and one of my regular yearly jobs was placing the tinsel strategically so it would glitter nicely amongst the twinkling lights.

This year, there will be absolutely NO tinsel on our tree.  Cats tend to play with strings of all kind, so tinsel makes an attractive toy to a cat, but it can become the cause of an emergency vet trip if your fluffy friend swallows it.  For years, I’ve also been flushing dental floss down the toilet after using it, as opposed to throwing it in the garbage can where the kitties can dig it out.  If these items are swallowed, they can become lodged in the intestines, cutting through tissue.  If this happens, your pet may pull through with some expensive abdominal surgery, but if it is not caught in time, it can be deadly.

This is equally true for dogs.  I see lots of useful posts this time of year, warning what kinds of treats are deadly to cats and dogs, and which ones are safe.  People are wise to ensure that their houseplants are not the kind that are toxic.  These are the issues that are mentioned more often and posted on the walls at the veterinarians’ offices, but sometimes the strings in our houses are overlooked.  For the safety of your pets, please makes sure you don’t have these lying around where your pets can access them and be injured or killed by ingesting them.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving (to our American friends)!

We’re Ready Meow…..

We are members of both PSI (Pet Sitters International) and PIJAC (Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council of Canada), where we have unlimited access to many invaluable educational resources to help us better serve our clients.

As of November 29, 2014, we will have full certification in Pet First Aid and CPR.

There is a lot going on with the busy holiday season fast approaching (HO HO HO).  If you are planning a family get-away (WOO HOO) or have a work obligation away from home (HI HO,  HI HO, it’s off to work I go) and you would like to book or inquire about services, we are here to help!

It’s the PURRFECT time to E-MEOW or leave a VOICEMEOW.  (But please don’t whisker because we can’t hair you.)

Our pages are PURRFECTLY updated for news, events and information on our Furry Friends that have been entrusted in our care.