Who is #ChelseatheCat ?

Chelsea the Cat is the official mascot for The Cat Next Door Inc.!

We’ve been asked what the story is behind our mascot.  Chelsea the Cat was named after the real Chelsea the Cat, our first rescue kitty.  She was a shy cat, hiding under one of the scratching posts in the corner at the shelter.  The wonderful volunteers at the shelter were keeping the cats healthy and safe, but Chelsea was still very ill and underweight, likely a condition she could have died from if the people at the shelter hadn’t taken her in to start caring for her.

We fell in love with Chelsea, a beautiful Snowshoe Siamese, and couldn’t leave the shelter without her. We brought her home with us and nursed her back to health.  Soon, she gained weight and developed a lot of strength.  She makes us laugh every day, whether it is her spectacular jumps at playtime, or her bossy attitude.  To our surprise, that shy, sickly girl at the shelter, became the alpha female of our multi-pet household!

She’s beautiful, powerful, and what better way to honor a success story like hers than to name our mascot after her.  To us, she represents everything great about providing a forever home to pets who do not have one.  We’ve adopted more rescues since then, and it is a beautiful gift to have them all in our lives. ❤ #ChelseatheCat

3 Reasons To Hire a Professional Pet Sitter

Spring is coming and people are thinking about camping and holidays again.  It is time for those with plans to be away to decide who is going to care for their pets and their homes while they are on vacation.

Here are 3 reasons you need to hire a professional pet sitter (instead of asking friends, family, hobby sitters, or the neighbours down the street):

1) They might say yes, but are secretly dreading it – There is a large population of people who have a hard time saying “no” when asked to do a favor.  Even when your friends and family agree to look after your pets and house, it still requires them to take on your responsibilities and put their own activities to the side.  People start to feel taken advantage of quickly and it can become an inconvenience to them, as they have to stay close to home during the time you are gone. For people who choose to become professional pet sitters, this is their livelihood, and they know what is involved.  It is what they choose to do each day.  We at The Cat Next Door Inc. love animals, and looking after yours is important to us not only because that is our profession, but we also truly enjoy it.  Booking your professional pet sitter in advance gives you the peace of mind that you have reliable, loving care for your pets, without imposing on others.  Your pets and the security of your home are our priorities!

2) There are “hobby sitters” out there too.  If you know them personally, you might be ok with using them provided nothing goes wrong, otherwise you have no idea at all who you are letting into your home, and what all they plan to do while they are in there. When looking for a professional pet sitter in your area, look for one that has credentials to back up the company.  Some things to find out includes if the company is licensed, bonded, insured, and if the sitters have recent police clearances on file.  It is also important to find out what pet-specific credentials they have. Are they certified in Pet First Aid and CPR?  What are the terms and conditions? Do they use contracts? What other courses/certifications do the sitters have that make them qualified to know how to properly care for your pets?  Are there any references or reviews that you can check out in advance?

3) Once your furry family members get to know your professional pet sitter, this becomes another friend to your pet.  We get to know your pets well, providing them with consistency and feelings of security. We can see if they are behaving normally, and we can tell when they are a little “off” some days.  We want to ensure that your pets are happy and healthy while you are away, and we can report any changes we may notice while we are there for our visits.  Your pets will enjoy seeing the same familiar faces coming to see them.  After feeding, water changing, litter box scooping, etc., your pets know it is time for playtime and cuddles.  We love seeing our repeat clients and how excited the pets are to see us again.  We miss them in between our visits and are just as glad to see them again too!

To schedule us for a meet and greet, please visit the service inquiries page on our website at https://thecatnextdoor.com/about/pet-sitting-service-inquiries/.

We look forward to hearing from you!


The Cat Next Door Inc. is a member of Pet Sitters International (PSI).
Melanie on a pet sit for one of our kitty clients, Danielle.
Melanie on a pet sit for one of our kitty clients, Danielle.




Our First Tradeshow

Buddy and Venus are former Tails to Tell residents. They are now at home with us, thanks to Tails to Tell Animal Rescue Shelter.

The Cat Next Door will be attending the 2015 Airdrie Home and Lifestyle Show on April 25th and 26th as a new exhibitor.  For all you pet lovers in the Airdrie and Calgary area, come see us at the show to learn more about our services.

If you bring a minimum $2 donation for Tails to Tell, the no-kill animal shelter in Crossfield, AB, you will earn a chance to spin the wheel and win a prize!  100% of the proceeds will go to our friends at Tails to Tell, who are doing a wonderful job finding fur-ever homes for stray and injured companion animals.  The shelter is run entirely by volunteers and donations and we want to help.

We are also having a grand prize draw at the end of the show.  See you there!