First Aid Isn’t Just for People

This has been a very interesting and educational first year of business for us at The Cat Next Door Inc.  A little less than a year ago, we were sitting as students in a class that we didn’t know existed…pet first aid.

It has proven to be a very valuable resource for us, not only in our chosen field of work of pet care, but in everyday life.  We interact with others every day regarding their pets, we have heard a lot of stories, and we get asked a lot of questions.  Would you know what to do if your dog ran too far out of your site at the off-leash park and came back to you with a mouth full of porcupine quills?  How about if you found your cat unconscious? Would you know what to do next?

Human first aid is not the same as pet first aid.  Although human first aid training gives you an excellent base for general theories, there are many differences between the two.  Pet first aid isn’t there to replace veterinary care – the purpose is to keep an animal safe, stabilized, and as comfortable as possible until you transport the animal to a veterinarian.  This is very much like human first aid where certified first aiders keep people safe, stabilized and as comfortable as possible until an ambulance arrives.  Aside from that general principle, the programs are very different.

Now it is a year later, and Melanie is now a certified first aid instructor. Our first class takes place here in Airdrie on November 15, 2015 with more classes to be scheduled in the New Year.  We are very excited to be able to provide this service.  It is one we feel strongly about, and believe everyone can benefit from this specialized training.

Learning pet first aid will change the way you look at injuries and illness in animals.  If you have ever felt nervous and unsure of what to do in these situations, you will feel much more empowered to make good decisions on behalf of our furry friends who can’t tell us what is wrong with them and how they are feeling.  You will learn how to read the signs and take appropriate action.  You will learn to take notice of behavior changes indicating something is wrong, and you will feel more prepared to help.  With a good balance of theory and hands-on practice, you will find this program interesting and informative.

If you learn the skills and are able to apply that knowledge to save even one animal, that feeling will fill your heart with warmth for a lifetime. Check out the pet first aid page on our website to sign up!

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